Write a Script in November
aka #WriScriVember2018

Whether you dream of writing for TV or movies, radio plays or YouTube, you're in the right place!

Sign up for #WriScriVember, a relatively chill NaNoWriMo-style scriptwriting challenge in November. Join over 100 writers from all over the world and all experience levels in a supportive, low-pressure creative community experiment.


On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing 1 completed script of any length by 11:59 PM on November 30.The stretch goal is to finish a total of 90 script pages or more. Whether that means a single feature-length screenplay or 90x 1-minute YouTube scripts is entirely up to you.Valuing enthusiasm, elbow grease, and a deadline, WriScriVember is for anyone who has ever thought about writing scripts.

We Got Your Back

Signing up opts you into weekly emails from #WriScriVember creator Zach Valenti with inspiration, resources, and weirdness. You'll also have the option of joining a supportive writing community Discord channel and be invited to weekly writing sprints across social media.

The Audio Drama Contestâ„¢

Each year there's a special challenge for folks who wanna write an audio drama that will get produced, acted, and edited by a professional crew of audio dramatists & storytellers.WriScriVember 2017's Audio Drama Contest winner, Shannon Smyth, had her original sci-fi short, Frameshift, produced by Zach Valenti starring Briggon Snow, Briggon Snow, Kristen DiMercurio, Zach Libresco, Eli Barraza, Beth Eyre, and Zach Valenti.

You can stream or buy "Frameshift" on Bandcamp with all proceeds going to United for Puerto Rico. You can also read "Frameshift" by Shannon Smyth here.


Q: This sounds expensive.... How much does it cost to participate?
A: $0 + your time & energy.
Q: What if I have no experience writing scripts?
A: No problem! We'll be sending information on how to get started in the emails after you sign up.
Q: What are the rules for the Audio Drama Contest?
A: Hang tight! We'll be releasing those with the instructions for submitting to everyone signed up for emails from us.
Q: Yo dog, I heard you like email, so I got you some email to email while you email
A: I quit.

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Happy Writing!